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Vino Chateau Boxed Wine Cover with Chalkboard Front Boxed Wine for Black Box, Bota Box or any 3 Liter Boxed Wine.

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The Vino Chateau is the ultimate companion for your favorite 3 liter boxed wine! Whether you are enjoying Black Box, Bota Box, Naked or Fish Eye... as well as many other delicious brands... the Vino Chateau will slide right over top of the cardboard box your wine comes in. And if you find yourself sipping on something with a more creative shape, simply remove the cardboard box and place the 3 liter bag of wine right into the inside.

This is our Chalkboard front Vino Chateau! Perfect for parties, weddings, birthdays... or just Wine Wednesday! When you have a special message to share (or want to keep track of your drinks ;)... the Chalkboard front is the perfect choice. 

All of our Vino Chateaus come equipped with a metal handle on top to make your box not only look good but portable too. The bottom completely slides out giving you total accessibility and ease when putting your box or wine bag in. It is 100% hardwood, available in a variety of finishes and designs and comes branded with the official Vino Chateau logo and tagline on the back… We Make Your Box Look Good. Made in the USA!

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